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SELECT DISTINCT T2.u FROM T JOIN T2 ON T.z=T2.z-1 WHERE T2.u > 0; SELECT DISTINCT w FROM T;. Add the queries file to the design both queries were accepted: Number of accepted queries =2 Number of queries referencing non-design tables =0 Number of unsupported queries =0 Number of illegal queries =0. Fi 1 1 (CustomersDS) Dim AddressList = From customer In CustomersDS. Tables (0) Select customer ("Address ") For Each Address In AddressList Console. WriteLine (Address) Next Once we have filled our CustomersDS DataSet using the SqlDataAdapter, we can query the DataSet's table using some LINQ queries. The DataTable Select returns a DataRow array from a table per a particular filter and/or sort order. The content reflects changes to the . Tables[0]df2.netter = strFilterExpression; // Gets the number of records in the DataView after // RowFilter and RowStateFilter have been applied. if ([0].DefaultView.

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