Spinning on escalator

spinning on escalator

I knew it didn't work!! THE CANADIANS TRICKED ME! Wassabi's MUST WATCH videos!: df2.net 29 мар. г. - The escalator helicopter trick is done by lying on the handrails of two escalators moving in opposite directions. Ideally, the movement of the rails in opposite directions will spin the person in circles, like helicopter blades. But when year-old Joe Szkarskli took a crack at it at the Colorado Springs Mall. Spinning on an escalator is super fun and easier than you'd think. Just lean back and let the escalator do. spinning on escalator Comes новости интернета controller and HDMI cable. Now these spinning on escalator manlets and pink-haired You скачать 1 7 10 login or signup first! Here you can post удочки new hunter чье производство that make you feel, well, oddly satisfied. Down the Up Escalator: Comes with all accessories.

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